In Reprtoir, playlists are similar to albums on a technical level but they differ on one important aspect: playlists can be shared with people outside of your Reprtoir account. 

The main purpose of playlists is to allow users to share music with the outside world, send portions of a catalog to external partners, pitch tracks to music supervisors, etc.

How sharing works

We decided the best way to share playlists was not to physically send the audio files and metadata to a recipient, but rather to generate a landing page that hosts various bits of information on the playlist itself as well as a player allowing the recipient to playback its tracks, much like an online music streaming service displays music.

Here is what this looks like on the recipient's end:

Creating and managing playlists

Here is a rundown on how to create and manage playlists from within your account:

  1. At the top of your navigation bar on the left of your account, click on "Create New" and choose "Playlist" from the dropdown menu.
  2. In the "New Playlist" panel that just opened up you can enter the playlist’s title as well as other information such as Main Artists, Featured Artists, Tags and Notes. Then click on the "Create" button at the bottom of this panel. The title you enter here is going to be the official public title your recipient will see as the playlist’s name.
  3. Now you are in the playlist. To populate it with tracks, you simply drag and drop tracks from an album or from your tracks’ list.
  4. Once you have a track in your playlist, you are able to activate its Share function. To do so, click on the big orange "Share" button.
  5. Now you see the "New Share" panel open up. In here, your two first options are "Email to someone" or "Create a sharing link". We will get back to that in just a second.
  6. Enter your recipient's name and leave him or her a personal message.
  7. Click on the orange "Create" button, and Voilà!

Sharing via email or via links

When you want to share your playlist with someone, you either have the choice to send an email directly to that person, or give out a link. 

Actually, every single playlist inside of your Reprtoir account is represented by a simple URL you can share with anyone. So whether you choose to send out and email directly through the "New Share" panel or create a link, a link will be created for you to use at any time.

Choosing the email option simply allows you to send out an email immediately. Here is how it would appear in your recipient's inbox:

What the recipient can do with the playlist

Upon creating the playlist, users can choose to let the recipient either stream the tracks, download their MP3 versions or download the source audio file allowing for downloads of files of higher resolution.

We have many more options planned for the future.

Here's a video showing you how this all works:

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