Spreadsheets is something we all have been using for decades in the music business. Besides doing server-to-server connections, API and DDEX compliant data transfers, spreadsheets are the most efficient medium to import, export and send metadata. One problem with spreadsheets is that they are individual files that one can lose and misplace if they are not properly organised. We took care of this problem in Reprtoir by including a spreadsheet engine directly inside the interface.

Here is how it works: 

  1. Click on NEW all the way on top of the left sidebar. Chose Album, open the sub menu and then chose “From spreadsheet”.
  2. This will open up the NEW SPREADSHEET panel. Here you give your spreadsheet a name and you click on CREATE. 
  3. You are brought to a spreadsheet that loads up directly in a new browser tab. Here you will see a pretty basic formatting for importing metadata. For the moment we just entered the minimum data fields for basic album ingestion but we plan to push this way further by allowing users to input any fields they want and be able to save their proper templates. Bare with us. This is coming in a near future.
  4. Once you have entered all the necessary fields, you click on “IMPORT FILE”. Our system will verify that the metadata you entered is valid. If it is, you can either continue editing of confirm the import by clicking on CONFIRM IMPORT
  5. Return to the app, refresh and voila!

All your spreadsheets can be found in the IMPORT / EXPORT panel (you find its link right under the NEW button). From there you can find all your draft or imported spreadsheets.

Below are the mandatory fields necessary for importing spreadsheets:

  • *Track Catalog
  • *Track Position
  • *Track Title
  • *Album Catalog
  • *Album Title
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