This section is the sidebar on the left of your interface where you will find links to your resources, products and shortcuts.


Expanding resources will reveal links to your Artists, Catalogs, Tags and Writers listings. For now, only the Artists listing is available. Clicking on it will load up your list of artists allowing you to filter, edit and tag them to your liking


Here is where you will find all the products linked to your Reprtoir account. For now, we only have the Audio Manager up and working. Expanding it reveals links to your Albums and you Tracks


Help Center
You're in! The Help Center is here to help you with questions you might have about the inner workings of Reprtoir. If ever you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us on our chat or send us an email.

The changelog will always keep you up to date with all of the updates, improvements and fixes that are made on Reprtoir. You can also use our chat to ask us anything or share your feedback.

Chat With Us
This is fairly self-explanatory. Just click on that link and start chatting! Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything that crosses your mind.


This area is the center stage of Reprtoir. Here you will see appear all your different lists and panels that allow you to take action on your content, metadata, tags etc.

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