Reprtoir has been built in a way to avoid users from having to navigate through a maze of pages to reach their destination. Reprtoir is almost exclusively panel based. You load up the app and you basically have no more refreshing to do during your entire work session.

Open your elements to access their details:

Let’s take the example of opening up albums. When you open album, you will see the album’s panel open up on the right hand side of the screen. In there you will see all the metadata associated with that album, as well as other important data and features. Inside this panel, you see a series of tabs. Clicking on these brings you to their respective data without having to reload anything. 

Let’s say you want to open up a second album right next to the first album’s panel. Reprtoir let’s you do that. All you need to do is either double click, or right click and choose Open on that album.

You can actually open up an unlimited numbers of panels in this way. And not just albums. The same type of process is applied to other elements of Reprtoir such as Tracks of Artists.

Here’s an example of what you can do with these panels and why this can be practical:

  • If ever you want to verify an album’s track metadata while you are manually uploading audio files to another album. Instead of having to do one operation after the other, you can handle both of them in the same environment.
  • If ever you want to compare tracklistings of multiple compilations at once, you’ll have a view of all the compilations in the same place

There are many configurations where this can come in handy.

When you do open various panels whose widths surpass that of your main Workspace, you will be able to horizontally scroll to access any of the panels you opened.

It is important to note that you can also switch to Tab view instead of using panels. Tab view allows you to stretch out the panel so it takes up the full length of the interface. This is handy to unclutter your workspace.

Please read the following article to better understand how your Workspace view options:

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