In Reprtoir, most of your assets are displayed in lists and function a lot like spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are functional, flexible and allow to organize data quickly and efficiently. That is exactly what we are aiming for with Reprtoir’s interface. Let’s dive into it.

Lists are everywhere in Reprtoir. The main ones you will be using for now are the albums lists, track lists and artist lists. 

What make lists so interesting in Reprtoir is the flexibility you get out of managing data through columns. Let’s check it out.


In Reprtoir, lists are always composed of columns whose structures and presence are perfectly customizable. You can add, remove, create and delete columns containing your metadata as well as sort those columns in various ways.

Simply put, columns in Reptoir are very similar to columns you would find in your typical spreadsheet application such as Excell. Any types of metadata you input into Reprtoir can be featured as a column in your Workspace. This makes content management extremely powerful.

You can display them individually, all at once or just a select few. Our custom column feature lets you do that. Here is how it works:

  • You open up the Custom Columns menu
  • You click on “Add a column template”
  • Give it a name
  • Choose which types of data will appear in the columns
  • Once you choose what you need, you click on the back arrow and go back to the columns list
  • Select the custom column template you just created and you will have all the columns appear in your list in the left.

You can then move those around, go back in your template’s setting and add or remove columns etc. 


You can also instantaneously sort any of your columns at any time.
To sort a column, all you need to do is click on its header’s name.

In Reprtoir, custom columns and sorting are available in every section and every panel where you can find lists making it super easy to create coherent data configurations all across the platform.

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