Reprtoir's tagging engine is an essential component of your account.

With it, users can tag resources in a flexible and seamless manner. The idea is to let them create any type of tag and tag category of their choosing and assign those tags to any type of asset present in their catalog.

Tags and tag categories:

Simply put, tags are labels attached to resources for the purpose of defining those resources.

Tag categories are families of tags. Their purpose is to regroup various tags associated to the same topic.

Here is an example of how tags and their categories help you clean up and define your metadata:

Let’s say you have just produced a new set of relaxing solo piano recordings in F Sharp Major with baby seal sounds and a guided meditation voice-over narration that happens to all have a tempo of 120 bpm. 

After having imported those recordings into Reprtoir, you can go ahead and create the following tag categories: 

  • Mood, 
  • Key, 
  • Main instrument, 
  • Genre, 
  • Spoken Word 
  • and Temp. 

Inside those categories you could create the following tags: 

  • “Relaxing” inside of Mood, 
  • “F Sharp” inside of Key, 
  • “Piano” and “Solo Piano” inside of Main Instrument, 
  • “Relaxation Music” and “Nature Sounds” in Genre, 
  • “Guided Meditation” inside of Spoken Word 
  • and finally “120 bpm” inside of tempo. 

You don’t have to do this of course, and Reproir doesn’t have these categories and tags already present in the system, but if that is how you want to organise and define your data, you can do so.

How to tag your assets

Tagging through the EDIT/RENAME panel

Whether you are in the Album, Track or Artist list, you can right-click on any resource and chose EDIT/RENAME which will bring you to the resource's EDIT panel. In there you will find a Tag field towards the bottom of the panel in which you enter the name of the tag of your choosing, select it and UPDATE.

Tagging with MASS EDIT

You can also select one or various assets in your lists, right-click and choose Mass edit to tag them. By doing so you open up the EDIT SELECTION panel used to tag multiple resources across a given category:

  1. In the EDIT SELECTION panel you will find multiple metadata fields that correspond to the asset you just selected and that you wish to tag / edit.
  2. In any one of those fields you can search for the metadata you wish to assign to your asset. For instance you may want to tag 3 different albums with the tag "Relaxing" that pertains to your "Mood" tag category. In this case you would :
  1. Perform a multi-selection of all of your albums, 
  2. right-click, 
  3. choose MASS EDIT
  4. and search for "Relaxing" in the TAGS fields

Here is a screenshot for good measure:

Selecting resources within Reprtoir

Selecting an asset or multiple assets has never been easier and more convenient:

  1. Clicking on an asset selects it
  2. Clicking on various assets while holding down CTRL (windows) or CMD (mac) will select each one of those assets
  3. If you want to select a range of assets in a list, click on the first then on the second one holding down SHIFT.

Creating tags:

There are two ways of creating tags and tag categories in Reprtoir. Let's go over both of them:

Creating tags and their categories through a manual entry

  1. Click on NEW all the way on top of the left sidebar and chose to create either a Tag or a Tag Category.
  2. The NEW TAG or NEW TAG CATEGORY panel opens up according to your choice. From there you can give your tag or tag category a name and click on CREATE
  3. If you have decided to create a tag, you will have to choose to what category you associate it with from the category dropdown menu located right under the tag name field.
  4. You can also directly access the Tag Category creation panel by clicking on the little cross on the right of the word "Category". This allows you to create tags and tag categories on the fly in just a couple of clicks.

Creating tags and their categories directly through the EDIT/RENAME and MASS EDIT panels

  1. Whether you are in the Album, Track or Artist listings, you can right-click on an resource and chose EDIT/RENAME which will bring you to the resource's EDIT panel. In there you will find a Tag field towards the bottom of the panel in which you enter the name of the tag of your choosing.
  2. If the tag has never been created in your account, the system will prompt you to create it.
  3. By selecting that option, you are brought to the NEW TAG panel described above.

Same goes when you are using the MASS EDIT feature.

Here is a video summing up most of what we talked about and showing you how it's done:


One major benefit of tagging is being able to filter lists. We have made it possible for users to filter their content in various ways with maximum flexibility.

The tool in Reprtoir that allows you to filter is the FILTERS panel.

The Filters panel is essentially a panel that regroups every single category of data users can use in Reprtoir allows to search for data and/or tags through dedicated search engines will filter a given list when a specific data entry and/or tag has been chosen.

 In other words, it is something that you will use on a very regular basis to search for and filter content in your Reprtoir account.

Here is an article explaining in detail how filtering works in Reprtoir:
How filtering works in Reprtoir

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