When you released albums and tracks on stores you need to make a distinction between Titles and Subtitles because an increasing number of stores use them in specific ways.

A Titles is the main name of an album or a track.

A Subtitle is a piece of information that is associated with the main title. Generally speaking, Subtitles are the bits of information contained between parenthesis after the Title.

Here are some exemples:

  • Thriller (25th Anniversary): The information "25th Anniversary" is the Subtitle.
  • Beat It (R&B Remix): "R&B Remix" is the Subtitle.
  • Stranger in Moscow (Remastered): "Remastered" is the Subtitle.

In Reprtoir we give you the possibility to separate Titles and Subtitles and even greatly encourage you to do so in order to keep your release clean for distribution

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