Artists can easily be deleted from your account in Reptoir. You need to go to the Artists' list and do one of the following things to delete artists.

From the list itself:

  • Select any Artist directly from the list
  • Right click on the Artist
  • Select "Delete" and voilà

From inside an artist's pane:

  • When you are inside an Artist's pane you either click on the three vertical dots or right click on the pane's header to bring up that pane's options menu. 
  • From there you can select "Delete" to delete the artist.

The only condition that will allow the deletion of an Artist in your account is that said Artist is not linked or associated to another resource. 

For instance, the Artist cannot still be assigned to Track (either as a Track main Artist or as a featured artist) or an Album (as an Album main artist or Featured Artist). 

If you try to delete an Artist that is still associated to other resources, the system will not let you and you will get an error message.

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