Reprtoir is built to be a collaborative platform. Our mission is also to enable your team members to collectively manage your catalog and its assets.

You can easily invite new users to your account and give specific rights and permissions.

Inviting a user

  • Click on your user menu button located on the top right hand side of your account.
  • Go into "Settings"
  • In the left sidebar, head for "Users"
  • Click on the "Invite a new user" button
  • Enter the user's information inside the new panel that just opened up.

Setting user permissions

Reprtoir allows you, the Admin, to give specific permissions to the users you invite to your account.

For instance, you can decide whether a user has access to accounting information, or if a user can actually edit metadata.

Permissions and rights are also product based, so this gives you great granularity when managing your users.

Here are a couple of rules to take into account as an Administrator of your account:

  • Only administrators can create, modify or delete users and manage their permissions;
  • Administrators define access to products per user, and their permissions to modify and edit those products’ resources;
  • Administrators can, for example, determine if the user can only visualize content or if he has creation, editing and deletion rights for each product;
  • For Audio Manager and Works Manager, we added another option to allow users the right to visualize the royalty splits as well as the right to edit them or not;
  • Finally, administrators decide if the user has the right to manage the company’s billing data.

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