Creating the spreadsheet

To create or import albums through our Spreadsheet system you first need to create a spreadsheet

Creating a spreadsheet within Reprtoir is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Either you click on the little “+” sign that appears when your mouse hovers over the Spreadsheet link inside of the Navigation or click on the CREATE NEW button and select Spreadsheet from the dropdown menu.
  2. The NEW SPREADSHEET pane opens up. In there you type in the name of your spreadsheet and click on CREATE
  3. You are immediately brought to the spreadsheet you just created in a new tab of your browser.

Here's a little video demonstrating how to create a spreadsheet:

Importing the spreadsheet

Then you need to enter your metadata into the spreadsheet, verify it and click on import.

here’s a little video giving you an overview of how you import an album by copy pasting its metadata inside of a spreadsheet:

About Reprtoir Spreadsheets

These articles will give you more information on our spreadsheets system. We encourage to read them thoroughly to understand how to use them properly:

How to fill up and verify a Reprtoir Spreadsheet
Reprtoir Spreadsheet rules and best practices

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