The main purpose of Playlists is to allow users to share music with the outside world, send portions of a catalog to external partners, pitch tracks to music supervisors, etc.

We decided the best way to share Playlists was not to physically send the audio files and metadata to a recipient, but rather to generate a listening page that hosts various bits of information of the Playlist itself as well as a player allowing the recipient to playback its tracks, much like an online music streaming service displays music.

Here is how a Playlist's listening page looks like on the recipient's end:

How to share a playlist

  1. To share a Playlist, click on the "Share" button located at the top right corner of your Playlist.
  2. This opens up the "Create Share" sidebar. In here, you will associate a Contact to whom you are going to send the Playlist, leave a message and choose which rights and permissions you assign to your recipient.
  3. Click on the "Save" button, and voilĂ , you have created a dedicated Playlist listening page. It is found in the "Shares" tab of your Playlist.

When you share your Playlist with someone, an email is automatically sent to that person, but inside of your "Shares" tab, you also have access to your Playlist listening page's URL that you can copy and hand out to anyone you like.

Actually, every single Playlist inside of your Reprtoir account is represented by a simple URL you can share with anyone.

Each Playlist in Reprtoir also has a default public listening page URL that you can copy and send to a whole list of contacts.

Sharing a Playlist page to a dedicate person vs. using the public URL simply allows you to personalise it with a message and different permissions.

Playlist Analytics

Every Playlist you create comes with its own analytics and monitored usage data.
These analytics are found in your Playlists' "Analytics" tab.

They will show you how many views, streams and downloads your Playlists have garnered.

Stream and download quantities can be seen for each Track present in the Playlist, and you also have the possibility of viewing this data for each individual Playlist listening page you created through the analytic's filter tool called "Filter by sharing..."

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