Tagging one element at a time

You can right-click on any resource or asset in your account and chose Edit which will bring you to the resource's EDIT panel.

In there you will find a Tag tab. In this tab, you will find search field in which you enter the name of the tag of your choosing, select it and Saves changes.

Tagging multiple elements at once

You can also select one or various assets in your lists, right-click and choose edit to tag them all at once.

By doing so you open up the EDIT panel used to tag multiple resources across a given category:

A. In the EDIT panel you will find multiple metadata fields that correspond to the asset you just selected and that you wish to tag / edit.

B. In any one of those fields you can search for the metadata you wish to assign to your asset. For instance you may want to tag 2 different albums with the tag “Funk” that pertains to your "Genres" tag category. In this case you would

  1. Perform a multi-selection of all of your albums, 
  2. right-click,
  3. choose EDIT,
  4. search for "Funk" in the Tags fields of the Tags tab and select it,
  5. Click on Save Changes

These methods can be used to edit your resources not only with tags, but with any basic metadata.

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