There are two ways of creating tags and tag categories in Reprtoir. Let's go over both of them:

Creating tags and their categories through a manual entry

  1. Either you click on the little “+” sign that appears when your mouse hovers over the Tags and Tag category links inside of the Navigation or click on the CREATE NEW button and select Tags or Tag category from the dropdown menu.
  2. The NEW TAG or NEW TAG CATEGORY panel opens up according to your choice. From there you can give your tag or tag category a name and click on CREATE
  3. If you have decided to create a tag, you will have to choose to what category you associate it with from the category dropdown menu located right under the tag name field.
  4. You can also directly access the Tag Category creation panel by clicking on the little cross on the right of the word "Category". This allows you to create tags and tag categories on the fly in just a couple of clicks.

Creating tags and their categories directly through the EDIT/RENAME and MASS EDIT panels

  1. You can right-click on an resource and chose EDIT/RENAME which will bring you to the resource's EDIT panel. In there you will find a Tag field towards the bottom of the panel in which you enter the name of the tag of your choosing.
  2. If the tag has never been created in your account, the system will prompt you to create it.
  3. By selecting that option, you are brought to the NEW TAG panel described above.

The same process can be applied when you are using the MASS EDIT feature.

In this video we show you how to create tags via the MASS EDIT feature:

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