Because filtering your lists of assets is a crucial part of organising your catalog in Reprtoir, we are going to tell a thing or two about how filters work in your account.

First of all you open up your Filters panel list by clicking on the blue Filters link here:

The Filters panel is essentially a panel that regroups every single possible filter present in a user’s account. 

These filters represent categories of data and tags users can use to filter their lists of content.

For instance, if you have 100 songs in your catalogue and 5 of those tracks are tagged with the tag “Jazz”, you could filter your list of 100 tracks with the Jazz tag to immediately display your 5 jazz titles.

Filtering and accessing the Filters panel are actions that you will use on a very regular basis to search and filter content in your Reprtoir account.

In the video below we show you where to locate the Filters panel, how to choose a filter based on an artist and how to filter an album list with that artist:

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