Because lists are present in most areas of your account, it was natural for us to include search engines for every one of them.

We can divide list searches in two categories:

  1. Main list searches
  2. Panel list searches

Main list searches engines

Main lists are are loaded in the main panel and display your lists of assets such as your albums, tracks, playlist, artists, writers, publishers, tags and tag categories.

You can read more about this in the article Sections of Reprtoir

In these lists, the search engine is found at the top of the list:

Whether you are in your albums’ list, tracks’ list etc. you will find a search engine exactly at this location.

In there you can type your search query and the list will immediately be filtered accordingly. 

Here’s an example:

Panel list searches

Only resources representing track-listings such as albums, playlists and spreadsheets have list searches within their dedicated panels.

These searches working exactly in the same as regular main list searches do, except for albums track-listings and playlists where they simply need to be activate by click on the magnifying glass tool:

Here’s a little video showing how this works:

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