When you are in your Reprtoir account, you can operate multiple keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the interface quickly and efficiently.

Knowing which areas are active

Because the Reprtoir Platform is organised as a single page website composed of panes and lists displayed simultaneously, it is important to know what area (pane or list) is “active” when dealing with Keyboard shortcuts. 

The main reason for this is that some shortcuts are dedicated only to specific areas of your account.

You “activate” an area by simply clicking inside of it. If you click outside of that area, it is no longer active and you are activating another area.

Every area in Reprtoir has a header, and the best way to visually see which area is active is by looking at its header which has a slightly darker tone when selected.

One you have selected an area and made it active, you can use the keyboard shortcuts dedicated to the action you want to perform in that area.

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts performed inside a pane

Shortcuts performed inside of a list

Shortcuts performed on the player

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