What are column templates?

In Reprtoir, lists are always composed of columns whose structures and presence are perfectly customizable. You can add, remove, create and delete columns containing your metadata as well as sort those columns in various ways.

Simply put, column templates are structures of columns you can create to visually organize your lists.

Columns and lists are essential tools in Reptoir and they can be manipulated in numerous ways. We highly encourage you to read the following article to better understand how they work and how to use them efficiently:
An introduction to lists and columns in Reprtoir

How to use custom columns templates

We created a custom columns features that allows users to:

  • create custom sets of columns
  • save them and giving them a custom name
  • select any custom column structure that has previously been created and saved.

This is very easy to do and very practical because you can visually design your working environment and its content as you see fit.

Let’s look at these the two following column structures to make this more clear.

Example 1:

 Here the custom column template called “Genres and moods” has been chose. This displays the columns Genres and moods for this track list

Example 2:

 Here the custom column template called “Popularity” has been chosen, and this displays the popularity column for the same track list.

Here a video showing you choosing custom columns in action:

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