Exactly like in your typical spreadsheet, lists in Reprtoir are made of rows and columns.

Inside of a list your metadata is contained in columns. For instance, artist name, album name, track name etc. are pieces of data you will find in columns of a specific list.

There are three types of data in Reprtoir:

  1. Internal data: categories of data that exist by default and that cannot be deleted by users. For example, Album name is a category of data that contains album names. Internal data is found in the Details tab of your resources’ panels.
  2. Tag categories: custom categories of data that users have created within their accounts. Users can create any type of data they like and tag their resources with this data. To know more about how that work, please read the following article: An introduction to tags and tag categories. Tags are found in the Tags tab your resources’ panels.
  3. Metadata Collector data: this data is pulled from external databases such as Spotify’s and imported into your account to enrigh your resources’ metadata. To know a bit more about how this works, please read the following article: What is the Metadata Collector?. Metadata Collector data is found in the Collector tab of your tracks’ and albums’ panels.

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