We can divide lists into two categories:

  1. Main lists
  2. Pane lists

Main lists

Lists that display the content of any of your resources accessed directly through the Navigation are called Main lists. In other words lists that load up when you click on the following resources are Main lists: 

  • Albums
  • Tracks
  • Playlists
  • Spreadsheets
  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Publishers
  • Catalogs
  • Tags
  • Tag categories

Pane lists

List that are displayed inside specific pans tabs are called Pane lists. For instance the following pane tabs are all Pane lists:

  • Album track listings
  • Playlist track listings
  • Playlist sharing lists

Both Main lists and pane lists function in exactly the same way. The only differences between certain of these lists are the columns they can display.

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