Users have various options to organize their Workspace. The view options located at the bottom of your Navigation help a great deal in structuring your lists and panes within your Workspace:

Three different view modes

Auto mode:

In Auto mode, any new pane you will open will have the same size as all other opened panes in your Workspace. 

Fixed Mode:

Using the slider will put you in Fixed mode. This will make make all your panes and lists the same size. The more you push the slider to the right, the bigger your panes will become.

Manual mode:

If ever you manually make one pane bigger, you enter into Manual mode. You can modify any of the pane’s sizes independently as long as you stay in Manual Mode.

How to reorganize your Workspace view in one click

If you are in Fixed mode or in Manual mode, you can click on Fixed or Manual to be brought back immediately to Auto mode

Two different panel views

When you open a resource, either you open it as a tab or you open it as a panel.

The Tab View works exactly like your internet browser’s tabs: every artist, album or track panel you open opens up as a tab instead of as a panel.

You can toggle between tab view and panel view at any moment.

Both views have their merits: 

  • The Tab View improves readability by displaying the entire width of your panel, but you must switch from one tab to the other to access your data
  • The Panel View gives you immediate access to the data found in your different opened panels, but you sacrifice readability.  

You can now take advantage of even more flexibility in the way you manage your working environment by choosing one or the other.

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