In this article we are going to explain the relationship between Contacts and sharing Playlists.

Your CRM is where you create all your Contact and Company information, and your Playlists are where you group tracks together to send them to external partners, so it makes sense to have both tools work hand in hand.

To send a Playlist to a Contact, you must first create that Contact in your CRM. You can read the following article to learn how to create Contacts in your account:
How to create Contacts and Companies

If you have Contacts already available in your CRM, all you need to do to send a Playlist to your designated Contact is search and select for their name in the Associate contact field of the Create Share playlist panel.

Once you’ve selected your Contact’s name, your Reprtoir account will automatically associate that Contact’s email address to the Playlist share.

From thereon, you will see that your Contact is associated to your freshly created Playlist share in your Playlist's share tab.

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