With the exception of adding or removing Tracks, reordering tracklistings, or modifying UPCs and ISRCs, you can revise any metadata, audio or artwork files on any Album or Release. If you do any modifications, an alert “Out of sync” will be displayed in the Release list “Status” column. Any modifications brought to your releases will be logged in their “Metadata History” tab.

What does “Out of Sync” mean?

The "Out of sync" icon appears in the status column of your Releases’ list when you have modified a Release that has already been previously submitted to a Recipient. This icon essentially indicates that the data you sent to the Recipient is different from what you have in your Reprtoir account.

Manual exports

One of the technical limitations of manual feeds if that the data cannot be automatically synchronized with the Recipient. You will have to carry out the corrections manually in the Recipient’s content management system then click on the "Remove Warning" button (hover over the "Out of sync" icon) to report that this been done.

Automatic feeds

For automatic feeds, the data is automatically synchronized between Reprtoir and the Recipient. However, you will have to confirm the submission of the modifications to the Recipient by clicking on the "Submit update" button (hover over the "Out of sync" icon).

About Metadata History

Metadata History automatically logs all the metadata modifications brought to a Release. This allows you to review changes made to your release in case one of your collaborators made mistakes while preparing Releases. To access this log, go to any Release panel and then click on the "Metadata History" tab.

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