What is a Release?

A Release can be submitted to a Recipient (a distributor, an aggregator or a streaming and/or download service) with the goal of being released to the public.

Releases are created from Albums. Consequently, a Release will always be associated to a source Album. A Release can only be submitted to one Recipient, but you can create multiple Releases for multiple Recipients from a single Album.

How to create a Release?

Releases can be created in multiple ways:

From the Releases list:

  1. Go to the Releases list and click on the “New Release” orange button in the top right corner
  2. Select an Album from the list
  3. Choose a Recipient
  4. Fill-in the required metadata
  5. Click Save

From the Albums list:

  1. Go to the Albums list, select an Album, right-click and choose “Create new Release
  2. Choose a Recipient
  3. Fill-in the required metadata
  4. Click Save

From an Album panel:

  1. Open any Album, locate the "Edit" button in the upper right hand corner of the Album panel, click on the arrow and choose "Create a new Release" from the drop-down menu
  2. Choose a Recipient
  3. Fill-in the required metadata
  4. Click Save

At this step, you can find your new Release in the Releases list.

How to make the Release compatible with the Recipient's requirements?

Each Recipient has different submission requirements, and to be able to submit your Releases through Reprtoir, you will have to comply with those requirements. 

To help you out in this process, Reprtoir automatically detects erroneous or missing data and helps the user resolve any issues at hand.

How to resolve errors?

  1. Click on the error quantity indicated in red found either in the Release list’s “Errors” column or in the Release panel. This will launch a sidebar on the right that lists errors you need to correct.
  2. Click on the “Make corrections” links and follow the instructions in each list one after the other. When possible, use mass edit to resolve multiple errors at once.

Once all the errors have been corrected, you will be able to submit your Releases to your Recipient.

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