Sending a Release to a Recipient depends on the level of integration of the Recipient with Reprtoir. Some Recipient feeds are manual, others are automated. Regardless of the method, you can send one or multiple Releases at a time.

Automatic feeds are fully managed by Reprtoir. For instance, simply changing the Status of your Release will update it on the Recipient’s side.

For manual exports, a ZIP package including metadata, audio and artwork compatible files with the Recipient's requirements will be generated from Reprtoir. The user will then need to go upload these files in the Recipient's content management system.

Here are the steps to accomplish this once your Releases are valid for distribution:

  1. Click on the “Export files (ZIP)” link in the “Recipient” column or in the Release panel. Alternatively, you can also select multiples Releases from the Releases list, right-click and choose “Export files (ZIP)” link.
  2. Download the ZIP package from the notification center or from the email you received
  3. Unzip the package (“”) on your desktop
  4. Follow the instructions in the Recipient’s content management system to upload metadata, audio and cover files and finalize the submission
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