There are several Release statuses:

  • Draft (Status by default)
  • Submitted (Release has been sent to the Recipient)
  • Released (Release is available to the public)
  • Taken Down (Release is no longer available to the public)

In the case of a manual feed, the Release Status is managed manually, except for the “Released” status, which is automatically updated by the Reprtoir system on the day of the digital Release date. Please note that in the case of a manual feed, modifying a status in Reprtoir does not affect statuses on the Recipient’s end.

In case of an automatic feed, the Release Status is fully managed by Reprtoir. Please note that changing status in the automatic flow directly impacts the status of your Release with your Recipient and therefore also its availability on DSPs.

About the Delivery History

The Delivery History automatically logs all Status modifications of a Release. To access this log, go to any Release panel and then click on the "Delivery History" tab.

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