In this article we are going to cover the types of Splits presents in Reprtoir so you know where to assign those that are of interest to you.

Splits can be assigned to the following assets:

  • Tracks
  • Works
  • Contracts

To learn how to assign these Splits, please have a look at this article:

How to assign Splits in Reprtoir

Depending cases explained below, Splits are assigned to Contributors or Rights Holders. For a more detailed explanation, please read the following article:

What are Right Holders and Contributors in Reprtoir

Track and Work Splits

Income Splits and CMO Splits can both be viewed through the "Splits" sub-tab inside of a Track's or Work's panel "Details" tab and can be edited through the "Splits" tab of a Track's or Work's edit panel.

Splits of Tracks and Works are divided into two types:

  • Income Splits

Income Splits represent the Splits of the revenues the Right Holders of your Tracks and Works would perceive through the processing of your royalty statements. These Incomes are in most cases going to be paid directly by your Organization to your Right Holders.

  • CMO Splits

CMO (for Collective Management Organizations) Splits represents the Splits of the revenues the Contributors of your account would perceive through their respective CMO.

Contract Splits

These Splits are found in the "Details" tab of a Contract under the "Terms" sub-tab.

You can edit these Splits from within the "Rights" tab of a Contract's edit panel.

Contracts allow you to establish digital versions of your physical contracts directly in your accounts so you can keep track of your different deals and licenses.

Because these contracts represent a Payer and one or multiple Beneficiaries, a series of Splits is determined to define the financial terms of the contract.

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