Assigning or updating Splits is at the heart of mapping your chain of rights within your Reprtoir account. It is also crucial for our upcoming Royalties Manager that will make your accounting nightmares a breeze.

To add Splits to your Tracks or Works, you can either assign them manually or you can bulk-assign them thanks to Sheets.

Required content

First, you need to have Tracks or Works present in your account either through manually entries, through Sheets or through our Spotify Importer.

Please read the following articles if you need a recap on these three methods:

Note: These import and content creation methods do not allow you to assign Splits though. They only allow you to import or create metadata.

How to manually assign or update Splits

Whether you are manually assigning splits to Works or to Tracks the process is the same:

  1. Select one or multiple Tracks or Works from their respective lists, right-click and choose "Edit"
  2. Inside of the Edit sidebar, go to the Splits tab
  3. Inside of the Incomes Splits or CMO Splits sections, add a Contributor, Rightholder and/or Role, then click "Add" (to learn more about Types of Splits in Reprtoir, please read this article)
  4. Assign the percentages of the splits in the relevant split fields.
  5. Save

Note: If you need to select more than 250 items in one time please use the “Actions” select in the top header of the list to select all items present in your current filtering.

How to bulk assign or update Splits with Sheets

If you have a lot of content to import with numerous splits, thanks to Reprtoir Sheets you can bulk assign or update the Splits of your Tracks and Works.

Create a Splits Sheet

To create or update Splits you need to follow these steps:

  1. Splits Sheets are created directly from your Tracks' or your Works' list, right-click and choose "Edit splits via spreadsheets".
  2. Choose either CMO Splits or Income Splits to define which type of Splits you intend on assigning. To learn more this, please read the following article: Types of Splits in Reprtoir
  3. A pop-up will appear asking you to give your Sheets a name and click "OK".
  4. Head to your Sheets list and open the new Sheets you just created.

Note: If you need to select more than 250 items in one time please use the “Actions” select in the top header of the list to select all items present in your current filtering.

Fill-up a Splits Sheet

Once you have opened up the new Splits Sheet you just created to bulk-assign your Splits, you will see the columns described above according to the type of Splits Sheets you chose to create.

From there you simply add the Split values in their respective cells under their respective columns. Please refer to the information below.

If you wish to add new Contributors or new Right Holders, you must insert rows below the current ones that are already present in the Sheets, and add the required information for your new entries in the new row.

To insert new rows, simply right-click anywhere on any row and choose "Insert row below"

Important information:

  • Any new data can be inputted inside your cells. If you have added Right Holders that do not match with an existing Right Holders within your account, they will be automatically created.
  • Do not modify any content in read-only columns. Changing column A will break the system and prevent you from re-importing the content. For columns B, C and D, no changes made will be saved.
  • The total percentage on a Track or a Work must amount to 100% in order to be accepted.
  • Only input numbers in the cells dedicated to split amounts. In any type of character will not be accepted.

About columns

In both CMO Splits Sheets and Income Splits Sheets, you will find a series of columns that are read-only.

These columns document reference data from either your Works or your Tracks.

You cannot alter this data in any way. It is just there to give you a visual cue of the data associated to the asset you wish to assign Splits to.

Import a Splits Spreadsheet

When all of your splits have been entered and are properly associated with your Right Holders and their roles, you are ready to import your Splits Sheet.

To do so, simply click on the “Import file” button.

The system will then verify if there are any incoherencies in the values you inputted, for instance, if you entered splits for a give resource that do not amount to 100%

If errors are found, your Splits Sheet will not be imported and you will be required to fix them.

The lines on which errors are found will be highlighted and the cell containing the error will display a little red mark in its top-right corner.

When your Split Sheet is verified and clean, you will be able to click on the “Confirm import” button that will appear after the verification phase.

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